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Today we live in a scenario where the vast majority of developers in Mexico are not interested in the city, much less in society. They create deficient projects that are out of touch with reality and current needs. Consumers finally end up acquiring those properties that turn out to be "the least worst".  And yet, sadly, they always end up giving us the 'pig in a poke'.


We are a developer aware of the reality in which we live. We always seek to make a positive impact with our footprint in every place we touch. We make developments in total harmony with the place where they are located, with its nature, its culture and its society. Developments that truly come to exalt our spirit and help us to live to the fullest.


We always want to give, as the architect Alberto Campo Baeza says, 'a hare for a cat'.


We want to make developments that transcend.


Our philosophy, from which we create our developments, is based on 3 fundamental values that we relate to 3 concepts mentioned in the oldest treatise on architecture in history:



They have to cover a need around a social reality.



We understand firmness as both solidity. They have to be financially and legally viable. Financial and legal solidity.


VENUSTAS. Beautiful.

They have to be beautiful, in their architecture and in their environment. A beauty that is not selfish, in union with the place where it is located.


Our legacy is built day by day and we want you to be part of it.

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